Monday, May 21

roses are red, I love you

peace be upon you :)

sorry for the hiatus, blogger seems to be unfriendly when I wanted to renew my skin. well, alhamdulillah, things are all settled now and I'm using blogskins haha. rindu.

I had been wanting to post about this, well mungkin dah nak basi haha, blogger you grrr. but I still wanna post about it :)

cute eh ? well that's us, the Roses.

last Friday, we had our third AUTing (ayuh usrah together-gether aww). well at least for some of us, it was my first one. the first two were held when I was struggling for finals in kmkn. and oh yeah, it's been awhile since the last time I saw these lovely ladies ohoks.

but you know, it seems like yesterday, you were a part of me~ naah, no kelly clarkson here no no. it felt like yesterday was the last day of school. no awkwardness at all and yeah everybody talked, smiled, laughed just the way they used to, mungkin dah bertambah ayu la kan sebab dah menjadi wanita ihiks. haih. sebak but of course I didn't show it back then :P

everyone shared a little bit of something from their own journey at different places all across malaysia. different places, different people, different pathways, different stories, but in the end, all of us still hold the same one purpose ; we learn, we live, we're chasing our dreams to actually chase His blessings in whatever we do insyaAllah :)

here's a few quotes I wanna share ;

1. "Kita akan mulakan sesuatu, dengan pengakhiran"

2. "Janganlah kamu mengharapkan kematian, kerana sekiranya kamu beramal baik, kamu boleh menambah amal kebaikan kamu, dan sekiranya kamu beramal buruk, kamu akan mempunyai masa untuk beramal baik"

3. "Sangat aneh melihat masa yang berlalu terlalu laju tetapi lebih aneh sikap manusia yang melalaikannya" - Imam Shafie

haih. I missed them so much. the feelings to be able to get together again, harmony. and yeah just like Mirer said, you have to be one of the Roses to actually understand what we feel. alhamdulillah ya Allah for choosing me to be with the amazing ladies :)

Good things will always come insyaAllah. Just remember whatever happens today is because He wants it to happen. So just smile and live !

Do visit Mirer's blog also ahaks ;)

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