Monday, May 14

sweet laughter

peace be upon you.
well. I'm sorry, now I'm at home, I just feel like writing hee :)

just so you know, tak cukup 24 jam lagi saya jejak KL, yeah, reached home at 3 in the morning, and yet, today is a wonderful day ! alhamdulillah :')

but, before anything else, here's a recommendation for all.
The Avengers is a must movie ! :D
why ?

firstly, ehem, all of the leading roles are interesting *astaghfirullah :B ngehehe. but seriously, they are all good actors. robert downey, chris evans, oh and mark ruffalo, just love their acting :)

secondly, besides all those action scenes that give you crazy adrenaline rush, there are some nice messages the director delivered nicely. shared on facebook, wanna know ? find it on my profile. hah ! joking* naah, you all are clever people, you can detect it by yourself.
uh suddenly I feel like talking like madam che yah :)

so, watch it. oh besides, there's no *that* unnecessary scene,
enjoy :)

the avengers


so, what really happened was,
there was a little cute ggbs reunion, at ikoi's, on iman's aqiqah day.

hello world. I'm Iman :)

I planned not to tell ikoi and yes, she did not know I was coming until she saw me. awesome eh ? it has been 2 months since the last time I saw them. sorry,
been busy at north for awhile.
but now I'm home, so hooray.

there were ; rice. keli. ayam goreng. so'un jawa. kuih cara. air sirap. iman. fikri. kakzaza. kaktimah. familyikoi. ikoi. wawa. piah. and everything else that were present in ikoi's house.

that evening reminds me,
how everything always seems so positive whenever I'm with them,
recalled al-amin moment, ggbs moment,
can never let sadness take over me whenever I'm with them. ah those moment.
*feel so old ;D

it was just a simple, relaxing and lovely evening which was also
filled with sweet laughter.
yeah it was sweet, believe me :)

* would be nicer if each of ggbs were there *

told you it was sweet <3

Antara 7 golongan yang menerima naungan Allah di akhirat kelak ;
"pemuda yang berkasih sayang kerana Allah."

I pray, our friendship is under His blessings and will remain forever.
Ukhuwah fillah, friends till Jannah :')

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