Monday, June 28


.assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Oh it's been a long time since I wrote the previous post, pardon me, I was attacked by the writer's block disease. Eh, as if I'm a real writer. My marks for the language papers are all -___-

Last Wednesday, I went to the teachers' room with Alia and KakSafi. We wanted to ask Mrs. Zaimah something about Masba. One thing leads to another, Mrs. Zaimah asked me a favor, she wanted me to participate in the pentomen :|

I didn't really think about the pentomen, well actually I didn't think about it, at all. Until that Friday, the day we had to stay back for the rehearsal and all. It was so heavy for me to bring my bag. Actually, it was not that heavy but, hmm how should I say this, okay, abaikan. Home-sick kot? Haha, haprak la. I'm matured enough :)

That evening, my soul has already reached home. Text ibu, suruh ibu ambil. I called Wardah to tell her that I'm off to Wangsa Maju already. Blahblahblah, I decided to stay. However, I was such a mess that evening, I don't even know why, rasa nak menangis , but of course la tak kasi orang nampak, esy, malu ler :P Text ibu suruh ambil, AGAIN, but then, tak jadi jugak.

I don't know how I actually felt good being there.
Fun? Yeah, I always had fun being around them, I mean, my friends.
Or maybe the performances just make me feel so excited.
Or maybe Arif was so charming, even though masa tu dia jahat? :D
I don't know, but I was smiling, so perhaps I really did have fun :)

But then, the next morning, maybe I did had a home-sick. Text ibu suruh ambil, and this time I really did went home, at 7.50 p.m. Oh, everything that makes me feel sick just flow away from me the second I step into the car. I felt good. Abah, ibu and me went to Pasar Tani, we had breakfast, we went home, I had a nap for a minute, ready-ready, went back to school as the normal Atey.

Selepas itu, belajar Chemistry. It was such a havoc. Still, it was fun. Aish, suara still kena jaga, astaghfirullah.

Okay this post sounded so weird, okay, you're such a freak Athirah. Whatever, enjoy, good night.

Words from a wise man :
Life is not for the ones who live each day for a reason. Macam tu kot.
And he died alone trying to find the true meaning of life.

So I guess, everything actually does happen for a reason.
Same as the incident of me staying back at school that Friday night.
Maybe nak bagu saya witness kecomelan Wana dan Arif, hahaha.

Just chill out, and live your life to the fullest.
SPM, uhyeah!

All the best for the debat, debate and al-debat teams,
I wish you all the best :)


syifa' kamarudin said...

Arif was so charming? ohhh hahahahaha.... yeahhh, arif is ALWAYS charming. huhahuahheuha...

laa. atey. itu hari aaa, kamu nampak happy saja aaa, siap tpikat dgn arif lg. rupa2nya kamu home-sick yaa???? isy3. xpe2. ana suro arif pujuk. huahuahahauaha... :)

nur mat zahari said...

arif MEMANG charming.

hehe syi secara jujur, memang pentomen tu yang buat ana happy :)
oh plus, saya memang hebat sorok perasaan, hohoho.

home-sick? sebenarnya takdelah sangat, tapi entahlah.