Friday, March 12




For those who shared one or two classes with me.
They probably know.
I had stayed at home for the last 7 days,
It was all because of my nose ;O
Again, don't ask me what happened.
The only answer I would give is,
Saya telah bergaduh dengan boyfriend. Bye.

This is really making me sad. Even more, the last year SPM result went out yesterday. All kind of result I'd heard. Oh my, my heart climbed up to my throat already. Plus, in the family, I'm the only one who's taking the big exam this year. Just like every other years, when I was taking the big exam, every one in the family, I meant, the whole FAMILY, asked about me. Fiyuh. That is another motivation for me. Please pray for my success. Thanks.

I'll try my best.
Let's do it g4squared.
May Allah guide our paths to success.

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