Saturday, December 5

Please, go away.

peace be upon you.

When it starts, last year,
I can't help, but,
to feel excited about it.
Every single thing,
that I had to sacrifice,
for it's sake,
I would do it with pleasure.

Seeing others,

also feeling the same.
Drew a smile on my face.
But of course,
to have that pleasant smile,
tears shall fall,
and pain should come.
After 11 months,
through all the hard work and waiting,
there's only a few hours left,
before THE day arrives,

but why,
why am I feeling like this?
As if there's no interest,
no desire no nothing,
I hate this feeling and it scares me.

Maybe I was thinking too much,
maybe, I feel that I'm not strong enough,
Ohmy, whatever the reason is,
I pray for it to go away,
far far away.

Please, just go away.

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