Thursday, December 31

I'm OLD.

peace be upon you.

it's been awhile since my previous post.
sorry, i was busy(?) whatever.

pap. pap. pap. tong. tong. tong. ding. ding. ding. a year passed by. my sweet sixteen has come to an end. well according to my birth date, it will end on October, but October? Heh, SPM is just around the corner. Fiyuh. Me and SPM? Never imagine it. Huh, I'm going to be an adult. Urgh, that doesn't sound good :P

well, the thing is, people grow old.


btw, let me get this straight, i write when ever i want to. uwek :P
oh and, i just heard something that makes me experienced an adult feeling. it's not a good feeling, but it'll make me a better person. i do hoped so :)

a new year has come.
last year resolution? did we achieved it?
however, let's just make 2010, a better year for everyone :)

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