Friday, September 11

I just can't

peace be upon you.

Everyone has their own fear. Heights, Sea, Water, Cats, Darkness etc.
As for me, the biggest ones are
cockroaches and maggots!

Take a look! Even it's only in a picture,
it makes me feel like they are running, crawling and sliding? on me.
AAA! Seriously, I fear them :P

You think that's eeuuuww-y, think again! Check this out. HAHA.

Maggot and cockroaches for dinner,
I just can't believe that a normal people
could even think about making these two as dishes.


tAsNEEm said...

eeewwwww,,,mane nt dpt idea post bende alah ni...geli2...baru je haritu ana ade experience pukol lipas pakai selipar..pastu kuar lendir2 kale ijau n kuning....eeeee!!

ana pon x suke 'diorang'. 'diorang' itu sangat menggelikan..eeeeewwww...

ikOi said...

hahahha tas pnye eewwwwww mengalahkan ana pnye owh~ XD tp serious, perlu ke post gmbr "dorang" bulan2 pose ni? naiiik bulu dai~ XD

lady ATEY said...

kene jugak. nak tau nape?
ana baru je terpegang!
uwaaa, naik gile ana time tu.
menjerit xsudah2.

tAsNEEm said...

eeeeewwwwwwwwwww skali lagik... 'dia' tu penah naik betis ana..lagi goosebumps...eeewwwwwwww! haha

ATEY said...

walau sekecik mane pon die,
ana xboleh. serious, xbuleh!XD