Monday, September 7

Teh tarik satu!

peace be upon you.

My head is a little bit blank right now. I have no idea to post about what. But then, I remembered. Last two week, there's a story about my eldest brother, BALEP. Enjoy!

SO. The day this big incident happened. It was the second day of Ramadan, I guess. I was chatting with Ibu, I was in my room and Ibu was in the master bedroom. HAHA. Balep went for an interview, for a job. Ibu told me she had a funny story to tell me. So here it goes.

Balep arrived quite early for the interview. So he waited downstairs which happened to be a restaurant. He just sat there at first. Then, he ordered a teh tarik. The waiter was like "Puase ke tak ni?" But he did his job, he prepared the drink. Then my sis-in-law, kakSue called Balep to asked about the interview. Balep told kakSue, he's having a drink at the restaurant. I don't know how kakSue revived him from his dream, but Balep surely didn't have the chance to drink the teh tarik. Alhamdulillah, kakSue called him. IDK how he handled the waiter though ;D

That evening, Amru and I were playing badminton. (puasa-puasa main, hebat kan? XD) Nasyriq and Aina, my nephew and niece were playing at the porch too. They were eating the potato chips. Balep was the one who's holding the pack. Balep, kakSue and Ibu was chatting at the dining table. It was a few minutes before Maghrib. Balep ate the potato chips, one by one. Ibu and kakSue, didn't realize it either. Then finally, baru semua orang sedar. HAHA. KECOH HABIS.

I guess Balep was thinking about something BIG that day, like the world issues, global warming perhaps or maybe H1N1 thingies, muahaha. He acted weird from the morning until midnight. Well, nothing more to tell. I'll write more when the my head is fine.

p/s: F(x) seems cool. I'm think I'm going to like them. And, jdorama, SMILE, MAIN : Matsujun and Oguri Shun. Wahaha, definitely going to watch it. And Tokyo Dogs, MAIN : Oguri Shun and Mizushima Hiro, I'll watch that too :)
Lee Minho's new drama pon tak tengok lagi :((


Afham said...


lady ATEY said...

tulaa kan.

ikOi said...

sampai order teh tarik lg tu~ huhu~ org kedai tu bkn nye nk tego owh~ ape la~ owh and best nye ade sis in law! x saba thn dpn!! yeah!! ;D

sitimii said...


kalau budak-budak takpe la jugak, acceptable la sikit an.


lady ATEY said...

ikOi - bestlaa jugak ;D

sitimii - tulaa pasal. time die balik dari interview tu memang kene gelak ngan sume. HAHA.