Sunday, September 13

shopping spree

peace be upon you.

Based on the title, of course this post is about SHOPPING!
Yesterday on 12th September 2009, ibu, abah and me went for shopping, from 1p.m until 11p.m - jangan risau, we did our terawih and tahajud :D

1; kat tengah sogo. ramai macam ulat taik kata ibu :D
2; Q panjang. tengok tu counter, jaaaauhhh lagi.

Street musician. Baru balik dari solat asar time ni.

SOGO, there's always traffic jam and the car park is full. So, Abah parked the car at Maju Junction. Every year, there must be one day for us to break our fast there. So as soon as we arrived, I told ibu, "kita tak buka puasa kat sini lagi kan this year, ibu?" Ibu - "yes."

At SOGO, oh my god. I never experienced such a tiring shopping. Tired for waiting, for seeing
so many people, tired for listening to the sound of tears, screaming and shouting, tired for being pushed around. But it's the last weekend before Raya, so what to do :(

You see, ibu is a very picky person. Memang susah nak shopping ngan ibu, mesti lama nak pilih. Then, Balep pon ikut perangai ibu. Pilih baju, aisy, lameeeee sangat. Now, it's my turn. I wanted to buy my shoe. HAHA. After all the hard work, I didn't find the right one. And because it's already too late for us to go home and cook for break fast, Abah called Bajie to bring Amru to Maju Junction. So this year, adalaa jugak buka puasa kat Maju Junction :D

After that, ibu had something to buy at JJ, Wangsa Maju. So Abah drove us there. On th
e way, we saw Wangsa Walk Mall's car park was full. APA LAGI? ABAH! Masuk WangsaWalk!!! Then, masuk. Urmm. Tiada apa-apa yang menarik lagi. So, keluar balik, masuk kereta pergi JJ. Abah dropped ibu and me there. Abah got some work to do. Now, ladies only :D There, we did the shopping until 11p.m. We went home with a cab. Sampai rumah, Ibu, Abah and Amru lapar. Nothing to eat. So, keluar balik. Pergi makan tomyam. Then, balik. TIDUR!

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