Wednesday, March 6

action - reaction

on Saturday afternoon,
amy & bella were about to go out, to hang out and have some lunch,

bella forgot to close the window at the kitchen,
suddenly, a very strong wind came,
and shook the plates rack, like an earthquake,
a few plates fell down, and broken into pieces

amy : 
I told you to close that window, didn't I ?
why did you not close the window? 
is it really that hard? 
do you need me to teach you how to close the window? 
now, we have to clean the mess up. 
it is gonna take a few hours to do so. 
oh my god, I just cannot believe what just happened. 
bella, you have spoiled my mood for the rest of the weekend. 
I dont even want to go out anymore.

and the whining continues, for about 5 minutes.

*adshgjghlk* @#^&*$% !

where are you bella ? are you listening or not ?

bella :
of course I do.
well, the mess is cleaned. 
so, let's go. I'm hungry.
oh, and maybe it is time for us to buy a new plate eh amy ?
*with a big smile on her face*

cliche huh ?
but yes, we are living with cliches all around us.


you can be amy,
who choose to whine with whatever that happened.
and make that as the only action you can ever make.
it did not even bring happiness.

or you can just be bella,
who choose to act, not to talk.
who choose to see what happened is always the best.
who choose to not listen to all the negativeness surrounding you,
and with the same period of time of action taken, you actually have done so many things.
and even feel happy :')

when you whine, relaxation and calmness also runs from you, of course, you're too noisy man.

so stop whining, whining, whining,
on the facebook, or the twitter or whatever, and just act, move !
things that would make us whine never stop to haunt us,
it's time for us to cope with these challenge and win it !

bak kata orang tua-tua dulu ; 
dah benda nak jadi, bukan boleh ubah pun. chill suda.

may Allah bless.



musheh said...

kehkeh >.<

ateyyyy said...

tak produktif betul komen -.-