Wednesday, February 27

I want no attachment please

The nature of the dunya is a place of fleeting moments and temporary attachments.
As a place where people are with you today and leave or die tomorrow.
But this really hurts our very being because it goes against our nature.

We, as humans, are made to seek,
love and strive for what is perfect and what is  permanent.
We are made to seek what is eternal.

- Yasmin Mogahed ; Reclaim Your Heart

Jazakillahukhair sister. Even for only 20 pages, 
I fell in love with you for the sake of Allah and I pray so that I can write like you someday in shaa Allah. 
May Allah bless you always .

*bajet Yasmin Mogahed baca blog ni >.<


This dunya is temporary. The Paradise is eternal.

We seek the dunya with our best efforts.
We actually try to go against our fitrah (nature) at our very best.
And no wonder we are sad at the deepest level that sadness can ever be felt.

A friend once said ;
"Imagine we had the chance for Allah to give His full attention to us only for 2 seconds in a day,
that would be a greatest joy." I imagined that situation and I burst into tears. Subhanallah :')

But you know, actually Allah is always with us. He always give us His full attention. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Allah is there. Allah is there. Allah is there.

"We verily created man and We know what his soul whispereth to him, 
and We are nearer to him than his jugular vein."

"Dan sungguh, Kami telah menciptakan manusia 
dan mengetahui apa yang dibisikkan oleh hatinya, 
dan Kami lebih dekat dari urat lehernya."
Qaf ( 50 : 16 )

The strength you gained, knowing you have Allah, cannot be expressed by words. Sometimes the things you never thought you would managed to do it, or even the pain that you always had in mind that it can break you into pieces, but when you have faith in Him, believing in every single step you take, He will be there with you, the strength came and those impossible(s) just seems to be possible and those pain just seems to be delicious.

Allah is there. In Paradise, He is waiting for us. 
He is the eternal that we, the human in nature are searching for.
Let's go running towards him :)

May Allah bless :*

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