Sunday, November 18

wake up call

tidak silap saya, Pope yang telah berkata-kata sebegini,
"untuk menjatuhkan Islam adalah dengan hiburan."


semalam sempat menghadiri R.O.A.Q : Remembrance of Al-Quds. a talk held in my college. the speakers were Dr. Zainur Rashid Zainuddin, who is a O&G speciallist and Encik Razlan Rashid, a journalist who is actively updating news related to Gaza, Palestine.

throughout his speech, something that my heart was able to catch is when he told us that, 
Israel buat salah besar dengan apa yang mereka buat pada Palestin, pada Gaza. 

Israel tak berhenti menghimpit penduduk Gaza, 
Israel bina tembok besar dengan mengharapkan mereka berputus asa 
dan tidak ada semangat untuk terus berjuang. 
Israel terus membedil Gaza dengan serangan yang tidak henti 
mengharapkan mereka takut dengan kekuatan Israel. 

Israel tidak tahu mereka telah buat silap.

Kerana dengan tindakan mereka yang terus menghimpit para pengejar syahid di Palestin, semangat jihad mereka semakin tinggi. Semakin bertubi-tubi serangan mereka ke atas Palestin, kekuatan iman mereka semakin tinggi.

Dr. Zain also mentioned ;
"When Palestine was first attacked, the number of people attended Fajr prayer in the mosque was less than 20. But today, it is about 2000 for only one mosque." Subhanallah.

And we should have no reason to wonder why they are still able to stand strong defending their land. Their land? No no no. Palestine is our land ! They are connected to Allah just like the Sahabas were, that is the reason they are not afraid of death but instead they are all chasing syahid fi sabilillah. Allah!

Dr. Zain also shared his experience when he was there in Gaza. He went to the Briged Al-Qassam training center, and the Palestinians soldiers were training with a true bullet. Subhanallah. He also shared his fear standing there. Made me recall the moment when I played (?) paintball last year in kmkn. That was a paint bullet, but the fear, and the adrenaline was super unexplainable. I can't sleep after the battle T.T

How can I dream to go to Palestine and help them in their jihad. The comparison is unreachable. The range is too wide. Allahuakbar, how strong their iman are!


Encik Razlan who is a journalist shared about Gaza from his point of view as a journalist. 
He went to Gaza twice in this year alone. May Allah bless his efforts :)

What's happening to Palestine, to Gaza, to Syria, is something that the mass media will not tell. Pictures of the children massacred in Palestine had never been shown by any known media source. No matter how catchy, interesting or successful the story is, they will not publicize it.

Alhamdulillah we now are living in the 21st century, our source of news is no longer depending on newspaper or the news on television only. We have one thing that is more powerful than those things, we have social networks!

Facebook and Twitter and not to forget Tumblr too, 
these are the mainstreams now.

They are people straight from Gaza who actively updating through twitter for everything that is happening over there. This source of news, I bet no government can manage to filter it before hundreds of retweets. They are also updates from Facebook, which everyone is actively sharing everything.

I bet most of the timelines are filled with news about Gaza. 
It depends on us to care about it or to do nothing. 
It depends on us dear brothers and sisters.


Why not Malaysia?
Well the answer is simple. And I'm looking into the mirror.

We had loss the battle already before it even starts.
With McDonalds, Starbucks, entertainment, Kpop, movies and all the other duniawi things.
We had loss the battle.


this Gaza issue is no longer a Muslim issue anymore but it's a humanity issue.
people from across the globe are making action. alhamdulillah :)

but as a Muslim, 
shouldn't it be an embarrassment for us to not know anything 
about our brothers and sisters in Gaza, Palestine or Syria.
yes it should be.

I'm not the best person to write about this.
apa yang saya tulis ini, is more to peringatan untuk diri sendiri.
because I myself have so many things to be fixed.
and also,
saya tidak mahu menjadi salah seorang 
dari mereka yang dijatuhkan dengan hiburan, 


not to forget Syria, because Palestine will be free only after Syria & Egypt is free.

history is re-happening.
when saidina umar al-khattab freed palestine, 
amru al-as freed egypt and abu ubaidah al-jarrah freed syria.

super cool Dr. Morsi is now leading Egypt.
time will come for Syria and Palestine.
that is Allah's promise.
we should have 100% faith in that in shaa Allah :)

Briged al-Qassam is super awesome for denying what the Israel leader wants.
Israel is afraid of them when they only brings out 5% of their power.
May Allah bless each and everyone of them.
and send them the help like the mujahidin in Badr had, in shaa Allah :)

sorry for the mixing of language. can't help it -.-

"You stay up until 2 a.m. talking about liberating Palestine but when it comes to Fajr salah, 
our heroes are in bed. So how can we expect the help of Allah to come?"
-Sheikh Zahir Mahmood

do remind me of this post whenever I seems to be forgetting it.
may Allah bless :*