Monday, October 15

standing strong

peace be upon you :)
alhamdulillah for all the blessings we are living in today :')

how is everything so far ? 
still standing strong chasing your dreams ?
still having that highest level of faith ?

if you do, then go, run, chase it,
keep on moving !

because, I do hope for the best for you dear, 
and I will keep on praying for your success here until we reach His jannah :')


last week, my tutor, Dr. Soe Lwin, a great lecturer who is loved by all the students :) spoke of something beautiful that penetrated into my heart, deeply.

"You know, your body, it never stop fighting. 
It doesn't matter whether it is a bacteria, a virus or even any sort of parasites 
and not to mention fungus infecting your body, 
your body will fight them until your last breathe, until you die. 
At first, the first line defense will protect your body, if it fails, 
the second line defense will come and so on. It will keep on fighting."

the moment he spoke those words, his eyes were at me, subhanallah, there was a spark in my heart, subhanallah. how can I not see that ? Allah teaches us to be strong in such amazing ways. subhanallah.

Allah has created our body not to be loser,
from our tiny miny little cells to ourselves as one organism, 
we are fighters. 

fighters don't quit the battle when they could do more, 
fighters fight no matter how painful it is,  how hard it is. 
fighters keep on moving forward.
and no matter what,
fighters win the battle.

dear me,
when your body is fighting for you, how can you give up ?


ya Allah. FOMS 2 end-of-module is just around the corner.
do pray for my friends and me :) 
jazakumullahukhair :')

may Allah bless :*

aku percaya Islam akan bangkit :)
aku harus terus berdiri dan berlari laju !