Tuesday, September 18

blergh , random posto

peace be upon you .

so many ideas had come, but it flew away exactly when I was about to start playing with the words. everything comes from Him, including my ideas, alhamdulillah now I am writing something random.

so .
Syawal has ended . for those who managed to finish up the 6-days fasta-thon, barakallulakum :) and for those who did not , do not worry , His blessings are countless , do try your best for the next Syawal :)

"Allah owns the time"                                                                                                 "masa itu milik Allah"

as I am writing this post , there is this feeling deep in my heart telling me to strive . #eh engkau tiba tiba. naah , really , seriously . I want to achieve success !


if you noticed my blog's url , I did not just use that link because it sounds girlish or artistic lol . but I believe I'm an imaginer - actually there's no such word hewhew , but yeah I love to imagine , good things, bad things and everything that just seems to fit .

Einsten just said it .

just so you know,
my imagination do take me everywhere . yes it does .


what I wanted to say actually was,
as time passes by, things are not getting easier
in whatever I do

but I'm telling myself, 
I'm now trying my best , to strive .
in everything that I do .
as a student , daughter , sister, friend , aunt (?) -.-

I would love to be a successful doctor someday insyaAllah
not only who has a good profession but also leading a meaningful life 
showered with His blessings

"O you who believe! Why do you say that which you do not do?"
"It is most hateful to Allah that you should say that which you do not do"
61 : 2-3

I said it out loud , now I have to work for it
it's a challenge I do not want to lose

#chasing my imagination
but in the end, 
we can only imagine but Allah give us more than what we can imagine

I have a test tomorrow , Technopreneurship test .
ya Allah bantulah Athirah untuk buat yang terbaik amin :)
#jazakillah tolong doakan sekali hii .

may Allah bless :*

*I just feel like writing I am really sorry if this is just a waste of your time*

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