Thursday, September 20

if only they knew

peace be upon you .

lovely child in green asked : 
" who is more good-looking? prophet Yusuf or Rasululllah s.a.w? " :)

gorgeous sister answered with a smile :
"have you ever heard this phrase ?" 
"as people saw prophet Yusuf, their fingers were cut. 
but as they saw Rasulullah, their hearts were cut."

oh yang cut tu as in, terhiris. and for the heart part , of course it hasn't been cut for real. well, you know. sastera sikit >.<


when I heard this, my heart skips a beat. subhanallah subhanallah subhanallah :')

such an impact he gave to others, in such a beautiful way. in whatever he does, whatever he says. just by looking at him, the reaction of our heart is unexplainable.

oh I feel so in love.

oh how I wish the world could feel this love too.
someday please oh please


regarding to what is going on today, again, no rain no sunshine, pops out a guy from nowhere decided to film something bad, about Islam. thus, making the muslims around the globe freaking angry suddenly becomes his new success.

well, mad? hmm. I cannot really tell whether there's a presence of mad in my heart at the moment or not. but one thing I am sure of, sadness haunts me.

1st ; if only they have the chance to know how our Prophet Muhammad really was, none of them would actually even try to create any of those dramatic mencapub scene. and if only they knew him they way we do, who knows, they could even be a better muslim more than us. we would never know. because in Allah's hands are all hearts :)

2nd ; there's always a better way to solve any sort of problems. Allah never build a lock for us without any key. 

what's happening, could be just another agenda created by certain people *if you love to watch movies, you may know where are the ideas coming from* and the muslims around the world are giving exactly what they wanted , which is in the end , will dirty our image, Islam's image  especially for those who are observing. Rasulullah did not teach us any of this, right ? astahgfirullah.

just like Hilal's post on this, here , it is us, we should start reflecting ourselves - the ones who had the opportunity to know and understand Islam, and love prophet Muhammad s.a.w. it is actually us , to let them , help them know the real 'thang' .

not impossible.
someday insyaAllah.
so let's improve ourselves. 

may Allah bless :*

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