Tuesday, June 12

manis macam takoyaki

assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh :)

so you see, growing up,
introduces me to different kind of people across the country,
oh and also across the Web

I've met quite a few unique ones
to be precise - genius ones

I adore this kind of people, eh adore ? haha iAdore .
because the ones that I met, 
they used it wisely. on the true path.
seeking mardhatillah. cool ayte ? baru belajar dari mirer :3
happy for you guys. attention ; TK + TB :D


me ? isy not even close
but I can say I'm a fast-learner
focus, a little lots of reading / exercise
insyaAllah it'll be there, up in my grey matter :)

sounds easy huh ?

sound je lah. the thing is,
I have to struggle,
because when I say focus, I mean 200% focus

but HAHA, 
that is like seriously hard for me
'cuz I'm that type of student,
who gets bored + sleepy easily - true story

if only I'm determined to learn 
than I'll try the hardest to defend myself from all the negativity. ngee
because you see trying hard, it requires a lot of sacrifice
and to sacrifice, I gotta tell ya, it ain't easy

but I know, He sees it. all those sacrifices
that's why the victory at the end of the day is subhanallah the sweetest thing :')

*recalling kmkn moments, semester 1's result* it was beautifully sweet <3  macam takoyaki gitu :D

semester 2's result is gonna be released on the 15th . how cool is that ? the same day as AUTing 007 (?) gaa do pray for me thank you :)

ya Allah, what ever you give, again and again, kurniakan aku hati yang redha.

they are destined to. me ? 
I will try as hardest as possible to be at the highest level of determination in achieving success :)
insyaAllah B-)

may Allah bless :*

iAdore, let's do this !


:: cik amirah :: said...

eh eh. ada TK+TB la dalam ni. :)
syukur pada Allah sebab dia pertemukan saya dengan sahabat sehebat awak. :') moga terus thabat atas jalan-Nya. uhibbuki fillah <3

ateyyyy said...

ehh TK !
isy, saya yang patut bersyukur sebab awak yang hebat <3

insyaAllah, jom sama sama :)
wo ai ni lillah also ;')