Wednesday, June 6

her instinct

peace be upon you.

so allhamdulillah :)
we arrived here in KL this morning at 6.22am. as usual, it was a very sleepy ride :)

last Friday night, I took a bus alone - as usual - straight to Kedah to meet up with my family who had reached there 2 days earlier. we had vacation plans ;)


there was a massive politic party gathering at the stadium on the previous night. and yeah it was massive. didn't participate it though, no worries. majority of the the participants were youth, or so I heard.

on the next day of my comeback to Kedah -..- , we went to Pendang, place where MakTok lives now. on our way there, suddenly there were almost a hundred village boys marching (?) urmm I'm not sure if it's marching or not since they were riding on motorbikes. they were wearing t-shirt writing a slogan to support this specific politic party. didn't  participated it either haha, since I'm on the opposite direction and I don''t have that t-shirt :P

these two situation makes me think and one thing popped in my precious mind, youth.

the moment of the speaker's corner during MISI came back.*flashback*


when I saw there's a speaker's corner in the schedule. my instinct sang to me 
" ~ you're gonna be one of the first ~ "

and to prove how they say a lady's instinct is powerful ahaa. on Tuesday morning, during our marching/riadhah slot, kak Zura one of the facilitator came with something in her hand. for one second, I accidentally stared at her, and yeah she asked me to choose and yeah I chose one of the cute paper in her hands and the picture above shows you what it says - Auku : Di Mana Silapnya ?

my knees suddenly felt weak. my heart pumped like I'd run from crazy dog. haaaih. I never knew anything about Auku except for a guy named Adam Adli. besides that, none. so I called Didi ;) pap pap pap, got a few point. muahs terima kasih Didi <3 I didn't deliver my speech on the same day though since we were lack of time. I presented it on the next day.

and yeah as cikgu Raihan used to say ; "the ear of the one who is delivering a speech/tazkirah is the closest to his/her mouth, so that person should be the one who gets the point of the speech deeply more than anybody else." so my own speech hits me. hits me for being so ignorant, selfish.


that auku thing blocks the youth from thinking. to choose what's right and what's wrong. to get to know about everything that happens around us. producing nerds who only know what's in the book.

as for example - myself, who freaked out when had to give a speech on auku ; I used to feel whatever the government wants to decide, decide.  it has nothing to do with me. but yeah I was wrong. whatever they decide today, tomorrow it is us the youth, the future will have to take care. so from now, we have to at least try to understand what is actually going on out there. 

today, we're loaded with information. we can get it anywhere anytime. it all depend on us whether we want it or not. facebook ? share all the informative issues rather than posting only beautiful pictures of you, twitter ? follow all the people who tweets true information and speak with their mind. we don't have to force it, but the information just come to us. urrm but actually to be honest, *I, myself tak mula lagi, sibuk ;P* but insyaAllah a.s.a.p yaa :)

to be less ignorant and to be more knowledgeable - first step.


so guys, urrm for those who are quite young and around my age,
 it's time for us to know.

- Allah sayang remaja yang tinggalkan kenakalannya  -

zaman Rasulullah pun sahabat yang muda sudah terdidik untuk memimpin 
dan tidak lupa ; Sultan Muhamad Al-Fatih :)

MISI '12 1993 + 5 orang takada.

there goes my first Misi sharing :')

p/s ; saya neutral. baru 18 otw 19. 
lama lagi nak mengundi. 
sekarang ni, saya observe dulu 
dan belajar :)

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