Saturday, May 12

so it begins

peace be upon you :)

as you can see my smile, my holiday has started ! yeeeaaay. my 10 months journey in kmkn has come to and end, but yes of course,
the memories remain forever ;)

for the past couple of months, jsyk, I didn't return to KL at all *muka bangga*. my routine has been quite the same and of course it is way better than the one I had back in KL. wait did I even have a routine -.- or just spending time doing whatever I want whenever I want, and usually, most of it are seriously not beneficial. minta maaf, kesedaran kurang time tu ehehe.

so what I wanna share now is not about kmkn. hah dah bosan. *takdelah huahua. just, takde mood nak cerita pasal kmkn yet. but now, it is about my missions during this 2-months break ;P 

so here it goes :-

1) learn to cook
insyaAllah, jika ditakdirkanNya berjaya menapak di rcmp, I will stay at my own rent house with my 7 future housemates ;) so, I wanna cook ! it'll be fun if I know how to and also as a preparation for my "future" ehem ;D sooo, let's heat it !

2) improve my baking
love of my life <3 my hands has been cold for quite some time. need to heat it up again. planning on mastering a few new recipe and skills. if there's a class at Bagus, I wanna go. hah, if $$$ allows me to. 

3) join program bermanfaat
dah lama rasa nak pergi. tapi mungkin hmm, kekuatan tak cukup. rasa nak golek golek bersuka ria kat rumah je haha. even roses has prepared AUTing, insyaAllah I'll try my best to spend time participating in this amazing activities :') to improve my inner beauty XD my inner side (?) and also to prepare for rcmp :)

4) exercise 30mins at least 3 days a week
for a start. this is not going to be easy. things at home and in kmkn, are different. back in kmkn, surroundings memang penuh orang bersukan. but at home, faham faham lah. but this one, it must be done. apa yang dah berkurang sebanyak 7 tu, haha :P harus diteruskan ! haiya !

5) spend quality time with beloved ones.
Well, macam yang dah tertulis ;) 

6) improve mutabaah amal :)
Ramadhan is getting closer. Need to prepare myself for it. Ya Allah pertemukan aku dengan ramadhan kali ini dengan hati yang bersedia :) 

7) merantau !
1st plan - melaka. specifically, durian tunggal ahaha. *taksabar*
2nd plan - ipoh. nak cari rumah sebenarnya. sambil singgah rumah kakAin yay !
3rd plan - vacation with family insyaAllah. venue - unknown :D

8) do something to thicken my purse
have nothing in my mind yet, but I'll try to figure out a solution :)

well, that's all for now. will be updated if something interesting come into my mind :) let it be a useful period of my life. at the moment I'm writing this sentence, I'm still not in KL, which somehow makes me quite sad, I just want to reach home. patience Atey, Allah is with those who are patient :)

 Demi masa. 
Sesungguhnya manusia itu di dalam kerugian. 
Kecuali mereka yang beriman, dan beramal soleh. 
Dan berpesan-pesan pada kebaikan, dan berpesan2 pada kesabaran.

(Al-Asr : 1-4 )

Remind saya kalau lupa :) Saya manusia, suka lupa.
p/s ; dah start rindu beberapa orang jengjeng :B


KhalilahAlhudaKamilen said...

wah, sungguh jeles korang dah cuti.
ana pun tak sabar-sabar nak cuti, nak plan macam-macam!
tapi, kena berhabis baik dulu dekat sini. hehehe.

plan memasak tu sangat bagus,
tapi ana kat sini walupun boleh masak, fuuhh tak termasak jugak. kadang-kadang je.
samaada malas, atau masa mencemburui.
hahaha, selamatlah kamu atey!

ateyyyy said...

sabar huda :)
insyaAllah sedar tak sedar dah start cuti nt nanti ! betul ! hah ter-over excited ngee.

tulah peluang nak masak tu taksure lagi, maybe weekend je. haha.
tapi at least, ada ilmu tu ;)

cepat balik huda ! :D
bittaufik wannajah exam :)