Saturday, May 5

dear you

korea ! XD

peace be upon you.
just so you know, as I'm writing this post right now, I'm alhamdulillah happy :)

preferring to my previous post, urm not gonna delete it like I used to delete my emotion-unstable posts, hoping that it would be a reminder for me and you, insyaAllah :)


so hari ni, hari khamis, ada majlis restu ilmu (?) eh nama dia ? suka hati. haha. and alhamdulillah, on the same morning, my prayers were granted which was hoping to be able to smile and be stronger ;') that morning after morning prayer, everything just makes me wanna smile and laugh. ahaks, senget, maaf. 

and yeah, on that beautiful morning also, something beautiful happened :) *rahsia!*
and yeah, it also made me realize how in-clever I am. haha. *malu*
ibu was the one who said this to me hahaha -..- *dush ketuk dahi*

lesson learned ; no matter what, I'll never walk alone. liverpool sangat :P at that time, when I was not me,  being so depressed, sad *previous post* -.- I felt so alone, like no one cares, no one to share my grief. felt so helpless, hopeless. but, those are just false feelings.

in the end, after giving a thorough review on what that has happened, it's actually me who imagined all of those negative things, well of course, orang tengah depress. and to be honest, that was the first time I really felt all the negative charges fulfilling me. astahgfirullah, jauh sangat dariNya.

no matter how hard it is, I'll never be alone. even late michael jackson said so right ? 
~you are not alone~ :D

"don't leave me. don't go any further.
always remember that, we are always here for you.
and when we're not, Allah is, no matter what happens"
- R

aduh. pedih. sedih, sebak, terharu.

to be honest, I can't recall the actual reason why I was so into the situation, the bad situation. but I believe I was far from Him. not having enough strength and not having maximum faith in Him. and I was hoping too much from my dear friends when they have actually offered me a lot, more than I can hope for, and to compare with those who are actually living alone, that's a little bit too greedy Atey. 

"Kebaikan dari sahabat itu nikmat, keburukan dari sahabat itu tarbiyyah" - Teha

can't ask for perfectness. can't ask for happily ever after. but know this, what ever your friend brings you, that's the best for you. Allah has planned it since the very beginning. be patience and smile. heal and you will be healed. haha tiba.

atey, mushi si jaiho, nadia

thankyou Allah for what you have thought me.
thankyou Allah for my lovely friends.
Allah works in mysterious ways.
have Faith ! <3

and dear you, you, you and you, sorry :')

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