Friday, March 30

my problem-listener

assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.


what a controversial previous post eh ?
it's a reminder for me and if it's possible, for you too :)

this post is some sort of related with my friend Amirah, latest post,
and this is her blog.

it made me realize something.


when I was a school student, I was a happy kid.

people see me as a person with no problem. alhamdulillah :) and that's the way I always wanted it to be. I choose not to share my problems with anyone unless it's seriously necessary. the reason is simple, I'm a cool person, I dislike letting others know I have problem ;P

don't worry, alhamdulillah I was not stressed at all :)
but do you know, how I actually survived ? I actually do have my own problem-listener ;)

who ? who ? who ? who ? who ?

well, the answer is simple, it's Him <3

cerita lama dah tak ingat, tapi ini satu cerita kat kmkn :)

when I got my 2nd chemistry quiz result. it was the worst ever. chemistry had been my love for so long and to get such a heartbreaking result, my inner-self broke down, deeply, harshly,
the pain was unbearable.

on the same day, it was not only that, there were a few other thing that messed up my mind.
problem among friends, superiors and others.

I called abah in the morning, tell abah everything, almost cried but since the place was public, I hold it. malu lah ahaha. calmed me down a bit, thanks abah :)
I kept a low volume throughout the day.
I prefer to keep quiet rather than expressing my sadness or anger towards anybody else.
people have their own problems.


after class duration ended, I went straight to surau al-huda and pray.

I let everything go.
countless tears fell down my cheeks.
I spent time in His house. kept on telling Him my problem over and over,
how I was so weak to bear with all of it. until I fell asleep.


after I was awake, subhanallah, it's like a brand new day, oh well eventhough it was actually on the same day but it was evening already. all the negative charges went away. I feel so refreshed.
I felt, at ease, light, calm.


People listens but the answer they give may not be the best.
People aren't perfect.

Allah listens and give the best answer.
The best heart soother.
My own problem-listener :)

Hasbunallah wa nikmal wakeel <3
Believe, have faith, he'll guide us :)

jangan pula
hanya pulang kepadaNya bila duka.
tapi bila suka, lupakan terus.
kita hidup keranaNya,
mari sentiasa ingat padaNya
dalam setiap tingkah laku kita,
insyaAllah :)


Anonymous said...

Allah itu sentiasa menyayangi-Mu, sahabat...lebih dari ana menyayangi ukhti^^

ateyyyy said...

syukran ukhti :)
may Allah bless you too <3