Thursday, October 6

adulthood yo

peace be upon you.

hee I'm fine alhamdulillah :)

well ehem ehem *drumrollll*
this cute lady, Nur Athirah Mat Zahari has turned 18 heehoo.

itu tudung huda -,-

well, it's the first time I celebrated my birthday with new friends here in nerang.
yeah they are wonderful. I'm glad I have them here making my life even more amazing :')

special thanks to wardah si vogue and huda si awesome ,
my cool roommates, cikgu nadia and nurse bella :)
neighbour penyumbang makanan, fafa, ipah, umi and mj hot :)
also afini and ain, rumet huda yang amazing.
and ellisa hee.

and to all who wished , totally deeply appreciate it, seriously HAHA

well ggbs, I'M 18 HAHA korang faham faham la XD

may this year be a better year for me.
let's grow up to be a great person who loves and is loved <3
I hope I'm strong enough to face everything from now on,
because ohyeah, things aren't gonna be easy baby.

alhamdulillah for the happy moments ya Allah :)

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