Friday, September 23

peace be upon you :)

yeah, I know, dah banyak sawang kat blog ni, you guys must be like I can see nothing because there's too much sawang huahua. okay done.

so today is Friday. and yeah, it's weekend ahaks :D FUN FUN FUN *saya di Neghang ye, bukan KL ;P

Ape pon, firstly,


send me something! guna pos laju tau :) *serious nii ahaks
bila nak hantar tu tell me, I'll text you the adress :D

Okay so, update from neghang,
My life here is getting better and better alhamdulillah :)
There are so many laughters,
and so many friends to share it with.

I know so, that this moment will come, Allah Maha Adil and I'm just so grateful it already does.

Now, my classmates are getting more fun, which is something I really need. *but yeah can't compare dengan kelas diorang tu la kan ;P
Nadia and me are awesome. Opps terpuji diri sendiri huahua.
I can't live with such a quiet and focused environment all the time.
Kita kena chill out selalu kan ? :)
Listen to my advice if you dare HAHA


Cerita baru ni !

I went to two tryouts. First one is futsal ahaks. I was okay. The coach praised me a few times ;) *haha takdelah nak bangga mana kalau nak compare dengan lelaki kat court sebelah kan -,- Everything was okay, but then, on the day the coach did the final decision, I didn't go. I was at the other tryout ahaks. So I didn't get into the team ;P

So the second one, bowling. Ngee. Imam was there* AHAHA. I enjoyed the 3 games I played. And I know I can do better. But yeah, bukan rezeki saya. Only got 6th. Miss Jal wanted the best 3. Huahua cry for me ? I accepted it well though, well, I'm already matured right ? Hee.

Netball tryout, I missed it -,- I didn't hear the announcement. I thought it was ony for SPT and matriculation students, but no it's for everyone, and I didn't go ;/

Maybe it's the best, because right now, with no commitment to sport training, urmm well besides jogging every evening I find I don't have enough time. Tension tak ? HAHA. Poyo je lebey.

Studies pon okay insyaAllah, cuma takdelah excel sangat macam orang lain yang dapat 100 je kan ;S Tet tot. Tak cukup lagi tu Atey usahanya. Go Atey cun Go ! Ngee, okay sampai situ saja :)

p/s ; saya nak hantar budak budak mesir kat airport ;/
gaa if only junpyo is here. sobsss.

till we meet again lovely ladies yang akan fly soon enough :)

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