Saturday, July 2

beginning of chapter 1

peace be upon you.

how's everyone ? I hope everyone's doing great and smiling happily :) insyaAllah. well today at 4 o clock in the morning, left alone by my roommate, I'm in the mood of writing.


last wednesday, was the big day. well at least, it was supposed to be a big day, okay no, a big night for me. it was supposed to be a beginning of a new adventure for me.

that night, I wanted to start my first usrah. oh believe me, that wednesday, I was so tired I was thinking about purposely faint in class, create a havoc and make me popular XD naaah, joking. I was really tired and I have quizzes on the next day.

but it's my responsibility kan, I have to fulfill it. heee :)

only 5 out of 10 replied when I text them. it was a good thing. I was quite happy, I mean, well, better 5 rather than 0 right ?

so, with all the energy trying to make my face looks cool, ( I was soo scared ! ;P ) I waited in the surau from 9.00pm. 9.15pm, no one came, 9.30 no one shows up. 9.35 I ask each one, they replied, sorry they were busy.

maybe they were really busy, all of us are having quizzes and a lots of thing needs to be done. not trying to blame on anyone and since I have quizzes on the next day, I changed my focus to the quizzes straight away. alhamdulillah, quiz boleh jawab :)

that was my first task, it didn't turn out as I expected. it's not going to be easy. but I will try to be strong and do whatever I can to make it happen.

I know deep inside of them, they want it.
it's a human nature to want good things right ?

insyaAllah :)

p/s : any ideas ?

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~KhalilahAlhudaKamilen~ said...

be strong :]

great job, dear.
be happy :D