Sunday, June 26

my appa is awesome!

.assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

man of the day woot.

18 06 2011
a handsome man, mat zahari b mohd yassin graduated with MBA -pass with distinction ;D from open university malaysia. heee. the convocation was held at PWTC. we only had two tickets, and I had to stay at palam ;/ so bafan and ibu went there, as the representatives of the whole family :) and, jeanne abdullah, pak lah's wife is the chancellor of oum, she's the one who gave abah the scroll :)

sweet kan ? XD

25 06 2011
yesterday, my whole family gathered :) just to celebrate abah's graduation, and all the birthdays from february to june. first, we took our family picture at the studio. second ; we went to oum for the final photoshoot and abah needs to give back the robe. third ; LUNCH AT JOM PRIOK ;)))

it was really fun.
here come the pictures :)

my little prince.

oh oh, I almost forgot, I have this special picture.
balep ; baru masuk asasi dah pakai robe untuk masters -,- [ kesah ape ;D ]
ohyeah, robe ni lain lain untuk diploma, degree, masters and phD.
susah nak explain sini, senang cerita,
awak belajar elok elok, graduate dengan jayanya, nanti awak tahu :)

suatu hari nanti, insyaAllah, robe itu memang saya punya :)

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