Sunday, May 1

anggerik mall

Peace be upon you.

How are you doing ?

It's raining here. Oh suddenly it reminds me of Al-Manar. Such a beautiful place it is. And also reminds me of baking. I haven't been baking for months now, I wanna bake !


For the last three days before 28th April 2011, I wasn't in my optimal condition. I have this bruise oh wait, I am still not sure whether it's a bruise or a wound or whatever, but the the important thing is that, it's p.a.i.n.f.u.l waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay painful. It was so painful my whole body was reacting to it and I almost got a fever. Almost, alhamdulillah.

And after Sukan dan Santai, things just got worse. Throughout the program, I honestly felt like fainting. That night, because of the netball I think, my whole body was aching, haha, that's the proof I was such a lazy bum for the last few months ;P and the fever thingies came back, so I did nothing but sleep.

The morning of 28th, my body was still not in a good condition. My interview was at 4pm but we went there early. On our way there, I slept like a princess baby. Seriously dude, I slept like I didn't sleep for a week. Nervous sangat kot.

So as I arrived, I met the 3pm team. Shoot, so not fair, 4 of them were in the same team ;/As planned, I tried to have a conversation with my team mate, but she seems to be uninterested to talk to anyone. So I chat with my other team mate, sitting on my left, the tall guy looked like a mixed child. I love his English. I was such a professional okay, jangan fikir benda tak elok HAHA.

4.10pm, the 3pm team finished the interview, so with Bismillah I step into the room with my team. My team consists of 3 lovely ladies, 3 tall guys and 2 short guys. Okay dosa XD Interview starts, bridge assignment succeed, interview done. Everything went well.

As soon as we stepped out of the room, for a moment there, it felt like a burden on my shoulder falls on the floor. But then when I think about how good my team members were, god, another burden is placed on my shoulder, a bigger, heavier one. All I think about was not to burden my parents.

But did I do my best ? Only Allah knows because I, myself can't really answer that question ;/

Now, I can only pray and hope for the best. Believe in Allah and believe in myself. Abah always said to me ; "You can do anything as long as you put your mind into it." So, for me, whatever happens next, I have to stand strong and do the best I can. No matter where, no matter how, if I can continue my studies to achieve my desired goal, I will proceed insyaAllah.


Even though I applied for that country, I am hoping for another country. Let's just pray. If I managed to get it, where ever it is, insyaAllah it's the best for me. Huuuu.

I wanna buy new phone, new clothes, new shoes, new lenses! Ada orang kaya nak belanja? Haha gila ;D

Bom bom chak ! Please enjoy the song, it's B1A4 - OK :)

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