Monday, April 25

all for one, one for all

Peace be upon you.

I'm sleepy ~____~

Current status : All I can think of is that interview. Fiyuh.

For the last two weeks, my heart has been pounding in a very tiring way. There were two main reasons ; MARA and Mr. Kim(s) Hehe. Just ignore the second reason, dush.

Well, as for MARA, mara, mara ke hadapan, I have an interview for the scholarships this Thursday. To be nervous, it's natural right ? I mean, being nervous is good, it will make you feel more unprepared and you will try to be more and more prepared for the big day.

As time passes, it wasn't just the nervousness threatening us, mentally. More difficulties appear. Every single day, new difficulties appear. There are times when I can't handle it, mental breakdown almost 100% but also, there are times when things don't feel that heavy. Alhamdulillah.

I believe, this difficulties are only the starters for us who are growing up and trying to set our foot into adulthood. Omo, I feel so old ;/ Ha ha. And, if we can go through it with a smile on our faces, we can stand as a proud person, insyaAllah ;)

YaAllah, permudahkanlah segala urusan kami, amin.

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