Saturday, April 23

Peace be upon you.

Heee :)

It's raining here while I'm writing this. Oh, for the past few weeks, it rained almost everyday.You know what, I love rain ! That's why the title of this post is Bi :)

Well of course, there are times, I hoped for rain not to come. Huuuu.


But when ever it rains, I feel so calm.
I usually go to the balcony, let my hands in the air, and just let the raindrops fall on hands. For a moment, it felt like my problems are washed away.
Ahh, such an easy feeling.

Since my house is on top of a hill, it's cold every time it rains, which make me love rain even more. There was once, we can't see the road Puteri Melewar used because of the thick fog. Omo, I love it !

rain is a gift from Allah :)

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