Monday, April 18

wednesday craze

Peace be upon you.

It's been awhile eh ? Well, I've been busy, and the mood was just not there.

This past few weeks, there were so many goodbyes. For us who are still alive, let's take it as a reminder, insyaAllah.

OKAY ! 15th April 2011, it was Khairi's Bday <3 We did a little something for her. I hope she had fun :)

And on the same day, MARA's result were out. Honestly, that day, I didn't even think about it, at all. Well of course I know the result's gonna come out but I don't feel anything about it. Well whatever. But above all, alhamdulillah, on 28th april, something big is going to happen, serious dude, it's BIG. Haha, over.

Omo, I'm so nervous ! And it's research time !

Oh, and this Wednesday, JPJ test :S Do pray for me.

This Wed and the next one make my heart pumps as fast as JooWon's car XD

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