Thursday, March 24

It's 2 am.

assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh .

yeah , it's 2 am . and i can't tell what my heart is telling me right now ;/

yes , today is the day our spm results are finally out , wait it's yesterday .
but I'm not going to write about it just yet . don't get me wrong, I'm seriously happy about my result,

but it's just that , I'm thinking about something and big . and yeah, it's big .
not big like a dinosaur big but big as if BIG lah ! hah , pening kepala. emo jap :p

no turning back , no taking a peek , it's permanent . so adult-y eh .

atey , come on ! if you're going to be what you want , making decisions is all you have to do . you need to be an adult . start to think like an adult . ahh fine ! I'll try my best .

okay I'm starting to talk to myself , need to sleep .

-thanks to bibah and ikoi for listening , they didn't actually listen , they just read what i type :D
-yaAllah , tenangkanlah hati aku sebaik sahaja ku buka mataku esok pagi , amin (:


wawa~ said...

nak tahu jugaaak ! huhu :'(

ateyyyy said...

heeeee, siapa suruh tidur awal ;D

naaaah, small matter meh, no worries ;)