Tuesday, March 22

February Baby :)

assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

. Nur Aimy Najwa .

Introducing, Balep's and KakSue's new-born baby :)
When they first told me the due date, I was so excited,
that I could probably be there when KakSue give birth.

But then again, it was written for me not to be there. So it's okay.

On the night of 22nd February 2011,
my housemates and I were watching Mr.Tivo in our OLD house,
a message from KakSue came in.

The message was exactly like this ;
"Tyra,kaksu da bersalin..yeay..baby gurl..kol 7.14mlm..2.94kg"

Apa lagi kan ? Jerit lah ! HAHA.

Alhamdulillah, the baby was born healthily :)
Ibu told me that she's so sweet, she doesn't cry that much.

Today is my first day with her.
She's waaaay adorable, cuter than in the pictures.
I hold her in my arms today,
from almost crying to sweet dreams.

Alhamdulillah, saya gembira :)

Jadi bilangan anak sedara saya dah jadi TIGA !
Saya sayang mereka semua -love-

peace out babeh, esok result spm keluar.


syifa' kamarudin said...


anak sedara sy da empat...

hahaha -_-

ateyyyy said...


alhamdulillah :)

saya masih menanti ni.
cehh semangat jadi makcik!

seronok kaaan ? ;D