Sunday, January 9

WhAAt? School?

Peace be upon you.

Wah, it has been almost a decade! Exaggerate much Atey.

I'm doing nothing at home right now. Getting lazier. Ayoo, this is bad. Wait, don't worry I'm not seriously THAT lazy. A little bit yeah, but I'm not really really lazy. Why am I explaining this thoroughly? -,-

Yesterday, I had my L test. The 50 question one. I started to read the yellow book the day before the test, for real. I didn't even finished the questions at the back. Oh nervous. Alhamdulillah, it wasn't the best result I can get but I passed !



I finished the test early, around 9.45am. After that, ibuabah and Bafan fetched me and we went to KLCC straight away. For the STAR education fair.

Not in the strength to write it all in details. We went to a few interesting booth. For me, who doesn't really know much about universities, the fair was great. At least, I know what's what, where's where and which is which.

Since ibuabah were there, it's easier to get to know more. About my confusion in choosing my future path, I asked opinions from a few experts. Now, I can choose wisely (:

The thing is, school's over. It felt weird on the first day of school, Amru was getting ready to go to school, while I'm sitting in the living room doing nothing. Accept the fact, you're getting older Athirah.

But you know, even though school is over, no more school uniforms, I'll never stop learning, insyaAllah. Abah told us to get better education than abah did, which is amazingly high. InsyaAllah, someday. The competition is getting crazier these days, just need to focus more.

Well, let's just do our best and lead an amazing life!

What's gonna happen next? We'll never know.
I'm going somewhere soon. Woot!
I'm super excited and super nervous!

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