Saturday, May 1


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Oh a quick notice , don't stop can't stop is a cool one from them , loving it. I don't stop , coz' I can't stop , till I reach the TOP. Uuuyeah!


I walk alone everyday, in the morning when I am walking to my bus stop and when I was walking home in the evening. Well actually , I walk with the elementary school students each morning and I always get that "where in the world is she heading to?" kind of expression in their faces.

Duh of course , I was walking directly to their school gate. It was irritating at first , but after awhile , whatever , it's not like I'm committing any crime. Besides they are just kids :P

So, when I was walking home under the sky that I can't described how hot it is , I always hoped for someone to accompany me. I'm all alone walking at such a quiet road.

Then , one day , there was this couple, an Indian couple doing stuff in the middle of the road , I took the other way,
the hotter way , well, I don't care , I don't want to walk in between them. I thought it is just another adventurous day of my life. But actually , thing gets better each day.

The next day , another couple sat there and played some music that I can't translate , loudly , dancing and singing together , it was a fun walk for me. And you know , it gets better and better each day , the next day two Chinese veterans were collecting the rubbish and so on. There's always interesting people in the middle of the road doing unusual things.

Well , as long it is not something wrong and they are good people , I don't care what they do and I'm thankful for them to be there. At least, my worries reduced a little bit. I always thought about holding my knife when I walk back home or a pair of scissors maybe. It's scary.

Huh. What a wonderful world :D
I would love to have an ex-taiko teman balik rumah :)

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.ikOi said...

you'll never walk alone. HAHA lawak ah tu! :P eh yours bukan ke rakan sebaya? mine was ex-taiko? :P n beli paper spray. macam best :D