Wednesday, April 28

It's out , really!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Based on Mirer's blog, it's officially out , the SPM time table (you can download it, refer Mirer's page). It's only a time table though , but it has strong power against me, saying
"Atey, get it over with ! Go and study !"

Okay fellas , this is my latest target,
FB and Blogger only and I mean ONLY on the weekends. These two are my worst enemy right now, despite those in my class, that gets cleverer each day.

HAAAAAAAH! Let's do it babeeehh!

Yesterday, Cikgu Arasy asked each one of us , our target for Biology. Hmm, I was actually aiming to say an A, but A+ came out of my mouth. Ahaha. Dramatic huh? :D Well , there's no other way to get it aite? It's a challenge for me. And I'll try to fulfill it !

Especially when I have a few targets in the class that I really wanted to crush ! (results only :P)

"Allah tidak akan mengubah diri kita, kita yang perlu memulakan segala perubahan itu sendiri" InsyaAllah, amin~


syifa' kamarudin said...

chayok atey!

spm. ana pn x fokus lg. huhu.

nur mat zahari said...

syi = tak fokus?
tak mungkinnnnn! ahaha.

thanks syi !
mari bersama-sama struggle ye :)