Sunday, April 25


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

It's been a while. Everyday, I'll drop by at my lovely blog. ( not actually everyday , study! :D ) Having such a small idea to write about. Hm, as you can see, it didn't happened. These lazy fingers felt so heavy to type. (fb laju pulak, sekarang dah slow actually :P)

You know, my life has been not that interesting as it used to be for this past two or three weeks , or maybe a few months , no matter at school, or at home.

I don't know but things just happens slowly, quietly, sleepy and lamely. I maybe laughing like crazy, but deep inside, something is just not there. Okay, enough with all the drama. I wanted to write about something else :)


I know many kind of people in my life , and I had only been to one small high school. But , I am already tired with all the drama. I know I know, after this year , I will get to know a lot more kind of people. What a wonderful world.

For me , the ability to speak is a wonder.

I mean , not speaking like a normal person that talks everyday. Speaking with someone , telling something that the person would like to hear the most even though sometimes it's maybe not the truth, different kind of speaking for different kind of friends. Most people in this world usually like that a kind of friend that has such attitude. I'm not saying it's a wrong thing though.

It's just..

Some of the people I know, I kind of make our relationship crushed like a car crushed in a terrible accident , just because of me not having that kind of attitude. Every person in this world has different taste of life, friends and food, right? Even though it's kinda painful , I don't blame any of them, I can't. It's a nature of human being.

Hm, sorry. I don't know what else to write.
This post is still unfinished though. I just lost my words.
I'll edit it when the words come back.

"Terlajuk perahu boleh pusing balik , terlajak kata seluruh hidup akan berubah"


Norashikin Tajuddin said...

kite frust..ade org lagi frust dr kita..kita sedey, ada org lagi sedey dr kita..

Bersyukurlah dgn apa yg dikurniakan. Andai kaya, lihatlah kpd yg miskin. Andai miskin, lihat kpd yg papa. Andai papa, lihatlah kpd yg cacat & seterusnya..

nur mat zahari said...

cikgu, 5 words.


Norashikin Tajuddin said...


nur mat zahari said...

cikgu suka macam tu kan?
dah takperlah, tarik balik.