Saturday, February 13

only 1 sec

peace be upon you

People changed. it's something that not everyone can accept. even if a person changed from a bad guy to a nice and decent gentleman , I mean , changing to the better side , there's still people who hate that fact.

I had changed myself , a few times perhaps. From what to what , let it rest between my heart and Him :) The thing is, sometimes, changing that factor of me (that had changed) didn't even occur at my head, but there's this one second when my heart speaks, I just changed. Again, people changed. They may change after listening to their hearts , blessed by Allah's hidayah , brain-washed , or maybe the little nafsu trapped in the body trying to do bad stuffs.

It just came to me , when this person I knew changed , eyes looking at her now no longer giving the same respect, neither friendship nor smile as before. Every living person has their own right to think , but for me , I hope this kind of environment and replies would change between us. That person may did bad stuffs. Okay, I am not saying that person can just walk away , what need to be done , has to be done. But, there's no need for the staring, no-more-smiles and stuffs. This would make the situation even worse.

The conclusion, think for yourself :D
I believe we can :) Good luck!


Anonymous said...

yes u can do it..nnt lps spm kite wat lagu tajuk ni ehh "YES U CAN DO IT"

HAHAHA..x memasal

athirah zahari said...

cikgu = sangat x memasal :D