Sunday, February 14

Living with the thick wallets

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Just now, spent the time with Amru and Ijat, we played some serious tennis. I'm getting better, I supposed. Duh.

Oh, we played for free. No more RM16 for 2 hours at the MSN. The tennis court is just at the back of my house. Style.

For the info, I'd moved. To a condominium to be precised. Sri Jelatek, Wangsa Maju. It's not in Jelatek okay, everybody thinks it's in Jelatek but it's not. Accept the fact.

Additionals - pool, tennis court, guards, lift, silent foreigner neighbours, spectacular view, precious cool winds, bye bye mosquitoes etc.

So far, so good. Everything's cool. Only, I ran into a few of the so-called-rockers, going to parking lot only with shirt and boxer on, euuw. Way disgusting. If only their faces were like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise or maybe Taylor Lautner, I'd accept it, fine. (Ini muka orang jawa, dosa, sorry)

That's it.
End of the summary of new life in my new home for the past two weeks.

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