Wednesday, January 20

Bakal Doktor?

.peace be upon you.

Back to English mode. I'm trying to post in both language. So I can practice both. No discrimination here :D

Yesterday, as usual, hop off the bus at my special bus stop. Ibu, abah and Bafan(he's following ibu and abah everywhere, jealous) were already waiting, put my stuffs at the back, hop in, and there were my clothes on the sit.

Me : Ibu, kita nak pergi mana ini?

Ibu : Kita nak pergi lawat TokCik sekejap.

Me: Oh, TokCik kena check-in to hospital eh? Teruk ke?

Ibu: Ha'ah. Tadi pagi TokCik check, dia suruh check in.

A few minutes later,

Me: Ibu, malam ni MC tau.

Ibu: Oka..

Abah interrupted: MC? Kenapa abah selalu dengar nak MC ini?

All of us laughed.

Ibu: MC is Maths Clinic lah abah.

Abah: Oh, haha. Okay.

At the hospital, HUKM. When we arrived, TokCik was not at her bed, TokWan was waiting alone. TokWan told us TokCik went for an ultrasound test. Jennng, I remembered physics. Oh, interesting. (poyo tak poyo? :P)

Since all of us were hungry, we went for an evening tea at the cafeteria. Amazingly, there's one rule in which I had never found it anywhere else than school's canteen. After you finished eating, put the your plate and your glass at the specific place.

When we first arrived, we were kind of shocked to see all the empty tables were full with plates, glasses, and dirty tissues. Me, as usual, membebel seorang diri, is there no cleaner or something? Blablabla, pap. I saw the rules on every single table at the cafeteria. Hmm, no wonder the tables were all dirty. Abah said, orang Melayu, biasalah. Heh, harapan betul. So we sit at the most clean table of all, cleaned a little bit, and eat. After we finished, we followed the rules. A good family, kan?

Back to the main thing, after our tummies are full. Went back to TokCik's place, MakSu, PakSu, MakCik were already there, and also Tokcik. TokCik looked better than the day before. As we were all chatting, a good-looking doctor came ;) asking us politely to give the way for him and also..... the trainee doctors.

Huuuu, they were 8-9 of them. The faces of the doctor in the future. I love to observe. So I oberserved them, one by one. Some, just listen to the real doctor explanation. Some, make a note, some didn't even really hear the doctor. Hmm, interesting yet ......

On the way back to the car, I asked Ibu, do I have to go through that to become a doctor? Yezzzza. Hmm, I know that to become a doctor, we'll have to face and see the real world of diseases and patients. But that wasn't really the picture I imagined. I imagined a more classy and professional condition ;D And after seeing all that, makes me think more and more about being a doctor. Hmm, what a wonderful world.

Doktor Athirah. Sound good, eh? Of course, my name suites everything, wakaka. Or maybe, Miss engineer Athirah, Cikgu Athirah, Cleaner Athirah, Chef Athirah, Perdana Menteri Athirah or Isteri Orang Kaya Athirah? HAHA. Hmm, work! I'm still thinking about my future. It's a big decision. I'll have to choose it wisely. InsyaAllah. Amin.

p/s: PSI just now, topic = marriage. hmm, dah besar rupanya ;)

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kalu ade butang 'like' cam kat facebook tu da lame da ana click, doktor athirah..hehe