Saturday, October 10

Thumbrain :)

peace be upon you.

What a weird title. Since everyone else posting with the title 'tamrin oh tamrin'. So I give you 'Thumbrain' Form1 2009! I always want it to be different from others :)

Hannan told me I was among the one who was supposed to join the tamrin, as an ajk of course. But since I wasn't feeling well on Monday and didn't come to school. They didn't want to burden me. I'd been wanting to go the tamrin since last week. So I requested at Kinah, and told her it's okay. She hold a green light for me. Wah, my first experience for being an andalus program A
JK, maklumlah, orang biase. HAHA.
But the reason, I want to go to the tamrin it's not because it's an andalus program or so, I want the experience, because when we do the program for the juniors, we get the input too kan? (: -don't misunderstand ya!

The program was fun. Full of activities that require a lot of energy. Now I know w
hy tamrin's AJK always look tired and sleepy. HAHA.

Syi, Tipah, Didi(senyum dalam letih), Faqihah, Hannan and ME

Nightwalk; It was hilarious! So many attitudes from the juniors. There's this girl, she just kept walking around the court. Rukun..rukun..rukun..(x50) still no answer. But they were okay.

Kantung bocor; It was okay. The juniors were having fun, I guess. But there's still issues. Normal la tu.

Flying carpet; This was the loudest game. No team can flip the carpet over 100%. We, the AJK wanted to show them. We did a little practice outside, PAP! Below 2 minutes, that's the fastest record ever. B
ut when we were showing it to them, ugh! it became so hard. Maybe the AJK were a little bit nervous ;D

Explorace; Tiring and sleepy. Rasa macam nak bergaduh ;D bukan dengan peserta ok.

Sakaratul maut; It was okay. But I think we can do better. I hope what we did could left some
thing in their hearts. Amin.

Flying carpet, sweet right? :)

p/s: serius mengantuk bile balik tu. waaaaaaaah. and the most important thing, I hope the little juniors can achieve something important and meaningful from the tamrin. not just tears, flour and mayonnaise (:


.ikOi said...

cool title~

rukuun rukuun rukuun~ hahaXD

i like being an AJK~ coz i can only sleep about 1 hour one nite~ seriously~ hahaXD

A laa said...

oit, cepatnye kumen, terkezut saya.
hahaha. anyway, mmg best pon wpon mmg menguji ketabahan iman dan minda. alhamdulillah OK~

Khaizzz said...

Salamzzz..mne ade sumerh post title 'tamrin oh tamrin' okeyh.just a couple of people jee.hehe.eh2,btolkn balek niat jd ajk tuh...

A laa said...

yelaa. mmg 2. saje je hiperbola kan.

psl niat jadi ajk tu, memang dah dibetulkan insyaAllah. sentiasa dibetulkan agar tak terpesong (:
tapi berdasarkan post ni mcm x betul eh? haha. sorrysorry.

btw, thank you sbb ingatkan.

.ikOi said...

bia la dye nk hiperbola mcm mne pun, glabah -_-

*tiada niat cari gaduh, saja MENcari gaduh*

btw atey, SM an, ana tgk ade bdk tu goyang2 kaki lg~ sedey jee~ hope ade prubahan, klau x kat skola pun kat rumah~ huhu T^T

A laa said...

tulaaa waktu SM tu ade yg tidur lagi tu. urrrm, mungkin kekurangan AJK jugak. takpe2, insyaAllah ok.