Saturday, October 17

2 and 6

peace be upon you

29th October. Waaaa. It's just around the corner. The thing I should do now is es-tee-eu-dee-why, STUDY ler. There's 11 subject. I guess I better start with the 5 hardest subjects. WOHOHO, here's the list.






Actually, there's 7. Why physics is the top on the list? It's because I love it and it's hard. I love it because it's hard. Make me want to understand it! Make sense? No? HAHA. Anyway, there's one week left. It is enough? Hope it does. Anyway, what's up with this post's title. That's the biggest number for me right now. Number for what? Biarlah rahsia. But I really love those number
2 and 6. Can't just sit tight and do nothing right? Or the number will run away. :( I've to get the books and stay at my desk. GANBARIMASU!

the end. goodbye for now. studying ;p


.ikOi said...

ganbatte! we will do our best ne?! :)

ateyo said...


-ikoi, ana balas ni kat rumah husna!

tAsNEEm said...

wah! kowang nye exam da dekat! ana nye mid term pon in 2 weeks time jek.. GOOD LUCK evewy bodyyyyy!!

A laa said...

yes da dekat sangat2. yess, good luck to us all. amin~