Sunday, October 4

Salesgirls, important?

peace be upon you.

Yesterday, I went to Giant Permata with Ibu, just to do a little shopping. Blouses and stuffs. Since my taste and Ibu's are different, I just stood beside ibu while ibu chose her blouse. Well, I guess it's in our blood the hard-to-choose-our-clothes attitude. From Ibu to Balep to Bajie to me. So, lamelah juga tunggu ibu pilih baju.

Then, Ibu tried the blouses. While I was waiting outside, the salesgirl or saleswoman(?), whatever, promoted a thousand type of blouses, pants and jubah. I wasn't in the mood at that time, so I acted like I wanted to buy it. HAHA.

When I touch this, she told me the price. When I touch that, she told me the price. I wanted to laugh it out loud, semangat betul. But, control la kan. So I walked around the shop, and guess what, she followed me like a stalker. When I was about to touch this beautiful shirt, she peeked on me. AAH, SCARY!

Thank god, another family came. So she had something to do else than scaring me. I went to the fitting room area again. Ibu asked my opinion. Blablabla. As I turned around, waaah! the scary saleswoman was already in front of me. She asked about Ibu's blouse. I said it was okay just a little fit, she took another one which is bigger. She put in on ibu's door and said "kak, ini saiz akak!"

At that time, I knew this woman is really desperate to sell something. As we walked out the shop, I told ibu what happened, ibu said, it's different in the States, they greet us, they'd ask if we need anything, then call them if we need anything. So the customer could choose more happily and more comfortably.


It's official! I'm 16! Have to act a little bit more mature, huh?
Next year, I would be thinking about THE DAY more than my birthday.
What day? SPM, of course. 17 weh! HAHA.


.ikOi said...

why msti our mom's choice x same ngn kte ek? klau kte nk pileh bju tuu pun dye x kasi bli~ its not like she gonna wear it~ then she will said "x ayu la pkai mcm tu" GOD WHO WANT TO BE AYU!! haha emo sat kat sni XD btw, stuju la~ salesgirl kat malay ni menyampuk je~ menyampah tgk~ hoho

A laa said...

haha, my ibu kalau sye pilih baju saye, beliau suke. cume yg saye pilih untuknya, beliau tidak suke. even dalam shin-chan pon, die ckp mak die taksuke salesgirl yg mengikut2. ugh, serius tak selesaaa~

tAsNEEm said...

okay, at least its better than in saudi..u could barely find a salesgirl or whateva u call them..but salesMEN.. hahah!!! boleh imagine x...kedai2 sume laki2 je!!..pastu kedai make up.. kedai yg "perempuan2" punye ke..sume diorang yg jaga...pastu die ikot je... lagi SCARY n ANNOYING..dala kat arab ni..pantang tgk org perempuan..mesti tgk aje kite.. ish2...

A laa said...

yes tasneem, waaaay better to have a salesgirl than salesmen. so eeuuuw-ish.