Friday, November 6


peace be upon you

exam season, exam post.

there's nothing much to say though, but, just as a reminder,
exams are for our studies but not the other way around.
and also, if we study to remember, we'll forget but,
if we study to understand, we'll remember.
Btw, add maths paper 2, speechless. (nak jugak tulis kat blog)

Oh, and yeah, I have an illness. It's not a physical illness, more to the feelings and needs. I'll try my best to fight it, not just for the exam week but for the rest of my life. FB's friends, you know what I mean ;)

Move on to the next topic, it is less than a month, we'll go to Wafdul Amin. My heart pumps faster when I think about it. Am I ready? Maybe yes and maybe no. But I can't just wait for the answer, aite? Let's prepare, together, for this big program (:

p/s: next week's papers, it'll be more than speechless -__-

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