Sunday, August 30

I Love Hostel?

peace be upon you.

When I was in standard 6, there were a lot of school that I planned to apply for. You know what, finally, I didn't apply at all. Seriously, not even ONE.

December 2005, we went to Kelantan to send Bafan back to his school, Maahad Almanar. On his registration day, I decided to follow ibu and abah. There was nothing to do at the hotel. As we reached there, I saw a few seniors from SRIAAKL, Aliyah Syahirah, Saidatul Syireen, Puteri Maisarah, Ili Syuhada and Atiqah Othman and a friend of mine, Saidatul Syazana.

Back to the hotel I told ibu, I wanted to enter that school. I can't really remember why though. Ibu and abah were just fine with my decision. They supported me; their only daughter was about to stay away ;D

I had never expected that I would experience a hostel life. Since my decision was so out of the blue, things were a little upsidedown but we handled it fine. So, my hostel life begins. Here's some memories that I can recall.

1. We don't wear school bags.
ALL of our books were already at our table.
2. We have a 'bustan'

The dusun at the back of the school. We can eat the rambutan anytime we want.
3. We don't have co-cu :)
We just play netball every evening.
4. We only have one 'sakan'.
One dorm only. I guess, this is the reason we were very close.
5. We can walk to the 'sukkan'
The nearest shops. The road was really village-y. It was fun every time we go there.
6. Everyone speaks Arabic.
The factor why my Arabic is fine.
7. We have a 'sempoi' sports day + mukhayyam.
We went to the beach and slept in chalets. My team won! That was the best thing for me there.
8. There was only 11 Form 1 students.
Yeah, 1 class only. So the class was fun and everyone knew and loves each other :)
9. We have 'wajibat'.
Duties for everyone. The kitchen, dorm, class and school. I love my kitchen team!
10. Al-Quran #1.
Maahad kan? Of course!

p/s: There's a lot more like I have my own locker (jakun o.O) and I cried for the first three nights. HAHA. Ah! It was fun. Everytime my parents asked me why did I move to SMIAAG then? The answer is only between me and HIM :)

Chill out! The first ten of Ramadan is almost over. Oh!
Just now, I listened to Ustaz Kazim's tazkirah after the terawih. Such a cool and funny ustaz! Have fun in Ramadan!


ikOi said...

it IS about ourself and HIM ne? ;D

lady ATEY said...

haha, takde2.
kalau ik0i, kene jugak bagitau.

ana je yg special.

ikOi said...

hoy! skati je bwat undang2 sndri~ hahaXD sooon~ :D

lady ATEY said...

ikoi xabes2 buat ana saspensXD

takpe2, I'll wait~

Anonymous said...

noor + zulaikha = pahapa

sitimii said...

Anony, noor zulaikha cool lah B)

lady ATEY said...

noor zulaikha memang ;D

ikOi said...

x yah a mencapapkan name org kat sni~ btw, sgt stuju ngn sitimii ;D

sitimii said...

cey suka la tu orang kata dia cool. hahahaha mengada ;p

btw sorry atey dah off topic, hee

lady ATEY said...

haha. tulaa pasal.

mmg dari awal da off topic. tapi takpe, demi kawan2 tercinta. haha. ayaaaatXD

sairisya said...

haha, kenangan banyak kat sana. haish, tiba-tiba rindu. hehe.

eh denga ceramah ustaz kazim jugak eh?!! ana pon suke jugak. best sangaaat! kan? hehe

lady ATEY said...

waah! kamu dengar di mana?
ustaz tu lawak! hahaha :)

sairisya said...

denga kat surau kemensah, dekat-dekat dengan zoo tu. dia selalu datang situ. so sebab masjid tu dekat la jugak dengan rumah, selalu lah pegi. heh. nt denga kat mane?

sitimii said...

Zoo Negara dekat dengan rumah ana. Huwah

ATEY said...

sairisya - oh! ana dgr kat masjid belakang rumah ana. jauh dari zoo. hahaXD hari tu dia bagi tazkirah.

mirer - haha :)

sarah said...

jiransejati, zoo negara tu pon dkat gn rumah ana jugak! hehehe

salam ziarah ;DD