Sunday, August 16

Into him :)

peace be upon you.

just another random post.
it's about takayuki yamada.
ngee ,,!!~ XD
Well, I had been waiting to watch Crows Zero for a long time,
because there's Oguri Shun, I don't really like Oguri though. But then, when I watch it, I saw Takayuki. I don't know, it's hard for me to fall for the japanese actors. I mean, I can't really
love them like I love korean actors (: It's just me.
But, I don't know why. I just love him.
He's cute and there's something about his eyes! agagaXD
So right now, my new research is all about him. HAHA.
Resting from the kpop for a while.
And, can't wait for Takayuki next drama.
Waaah! I'm so into him ;D
Sorry, another random post (:

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