Sunday, August 9

my brother was stab ):

peace be upon you.

Today is Sunday. I don't like Sunday because the next day is a school day.
I love Friday and Saturday very much because I can sleep late and rest my mind the next day. OK, enough.

Yesterday, I slept early. I don't know why but I just feel like sleeping early. Maybe because I wanted to wake up early on Sunday, not in a sleepy mode and have fun. Sunday morning, I was having breakfast with ibu and my aunt. Ibu told me that Bajie was stabbed on his lap last night. I was like, "HAHA! Ibu, pagi-pagi pon da buat lawak" Ibu smiled and Ibu told me the whole story. OK, it was scary, seriously.

Last night, 0100. Bajie got something to do,
so he went out. Mak njang was watching tivo. A few minutes later, Bajie came home. He entered the house and collapsed right in front of the door. He told mak njang, he was stabbed by a lunatic. Mak njang pulled him, and locked the door. I can't really imagine the situation, I was sleeping. But ibu and abah woke up. They brought my brother to the clinic. The doctor saved my brother's lap. Alhamdulillah, that lunatic didn't stab Bajie's stomach. Because that would risk Bajie's life.


Before I knew the true whole story. I rushed to Abah and told him the incident, Abah was like, "Iya? Then what?" Aaah, Abah already knew. Duh of course, abah yang bawak Bajie pergi klinik. Then, I asked Balep, did he knew about Bajie. Dengan gelabah, he asked me "Kenapa dengan Bajie!? Kenapa??" Then, kakSue, my sis-in-law said, "Poyo je papa. Sape yang menokok tambah cerita pasal Azri tadi, dah jadi macam drama". I was like Urrgh! Everyone knew.

Finally, Amru. He was at school. So when we fetched him, I asked him about Bajie. Blank. He knew nothing. So, I told him the story. HAHA! I was not the last one in the house to know the incident. By the way, Bajie is fine. Alhamdulillah. Never go out late, alone. And, focus on your surroundings. Don't be like Amru (:


ikOi said...

apahal seram sgt?? dah la lonatic! gileeeeee!!! hahhaXD pisau yg dia gnr tu ade lg x? hehehhehe ;D

ikOi said...

gnr plk~ gune* :D

.missT. said...

sebenarnye bukan lunatic pon.
tp time tu abg ana da xde tenage,
so die ckp je ape2.
and, lunatic tu xgune pisau pon sebenarnye, abg ana kate die gune some kind of screw :)

sitimira said...

waaah guna skru! psiko! ee, best ni best ni. hahaha hrtu ana tunjuk gunting dkt adik ana pun mak ana marah,

"susah susah umi mengandung 9 bulan awak nak membunuh pulak eh"


.missT. said...

adek ana pernah gunting jari ana.
jari tengah pulak tu, dalaaaam!
time tu mmg gile laa.
baru 4 tahun time tu.

*ana mmg byk pengalaman macam ni (: