Friday, August 21


peace be upon you.

walk into the new class
so many faces, I can see
old ones new ones

what a first day
like a Japanese way
they ask about my life

for a year of enjoyment
inside of them
I'm able to reach it, one by one

the PMR year, it is
everyone's struggling
to get the 9

with PUI, we are
cleverer and closer
grateful for that
and alhamdulillah i get the 9 :)


the sweating year is here
WE are the backbones
of Al-Amin, or so i heard

for three years
I'd learn many things
I'd love the 16th
I wish
I could never have to let it go

But this is life
I have to decide
stay or leave
for good
ugh, I'll choose the best


HAHA. what's this all about?
I just feel like writing a poem, and does it even sound like a poem?
This is my blog, I'll write whatever I like.
CSClub's fault (:

and yeah, I'll have to choose.


ikOi said...

ore mo ore mo ore mo! i dont want to let go of this year~ coz i cry about 2 litre already this year~ record man! hohoh ;D

.missT. said...

2 litres of tears.

ganbatte, kat skul baru tau :)