Friday, August 7

i want to play basketball

peace be upon you

Amru and I love to play badminton. A few months back, we played every single day. Now, I am a little busy with school and studies. So I never get the chance to play with my brother. Poor us. We also had a 'basketball goal'? idk what I should call it.

One day when we were playing like crazy. A boy came, he was playing with his ball. He played there about 5 - 10 minutes. We were having such a great time playing, so we didn't greet him nor talk to him. He just play there and look at our basketball goal. Seriously, basketball goal doesn't sound right.

Then, we stop for a while. I gave a signal to Amru, about that boy. He just look at him and do nothing. This is what happens, when you ask a shy boy to greet a stranger. Finally, when I was about to go and talk to the boy. His face *memang takbuley blah. The boy's maid called him. And he went home, sadly.


I was about to post about something else. Suddenly, I remembered this whole thing. Moral of the story, we should know our neighbours, not the only one next door. So that we could play together and eratkan silaturrahim :D

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