Monday, August 24

Ahlan ya Ramadan

peace be upon you.

Three days of Ramadan passed already. 27 more to go.
Talking about Ramadan, I can never forget my Ramadan experience when I was a little girl.

I tried to fast when I was 4 years old. Can't never pass a day.

My parents gave my brothers presents because they fast for a whole month. That was my inspiration to fast for a whole month when I was 5 years old. But, HEHE I only get 21 days. That year, we celebrated Ramadan and Eidul Fitri in Penang. For those 9 days, I'd been eating 'biskut rokok' alone in the kitchen. I didn't tell my parents, but ibu knew. HAHA. So, I only get RM21, duit raya from abah but ibu gave more :)

Finally, when I was 6 years old. I get a full month of Ramadan. I broke Bafan's record then Amru broke my record. Bafan get his 30 days when he was standard 1, and Amru fast for 30 days of Ramadan when he was 5 years old.
That's close, huh? ;D

Ramadan was really fun those days, well I don't mean that now, Ramadan is less fun. But yeah, it was more fun when we were little kids. Ramadan was in November so we had a full month of holiday. Every single day was fun. Playing with the cousins, go to bazaar with them, play the bunga api and mercun, went to terawih ramai-ramai.
Waah, it was really fun and happening.

We could feel the spirit of Ramadan.

Eidul Fitri is coming sooon! DUIT RAYA, yay! XD

and, SALAM RAMADAN, minna-sama!

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