Thursday, September 19


pleasing human being, needs a super strong heart or even easier, just be a heartless person.
as human beings aren't perfect, there are always ups and downs, and when it comes to the 'downs', 
pleasing human being will pull you down

but pleasing Allah is just as beautiful as in the fairy tales, and we lived happily ever after
opps my bad, a fairy tale cannot even be compared to pleasing Allah,

as pleasing Allah is real, the happiness and joy earned from it, brings you even higher than the cloud 9, soothes your heart as no other music can possibly do, relaxes your mind as no oceans or seas can even try to. and it's not like in the fairy tales, where you can only listen to the stories and imagine and be happy for someone else's happy ending,

but pleasing Allah, it's real. each and every one of us can strive to achieve such victory!

victory? yes, victory! as we, the servants succeed to please our Creator, 
if He is pleased with you, than the whole world is pleased with you. 
and the place for you is with Him in His paradise.

and is there any other greater victory? 

at-Taubah : 100
may Allah bless :)

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