Tuesday, April 30

such situation

the other day, trending on twitter was on this guy, who publicly claimed if  this certain people win this year's election and they finally manage to rule the country, his beloved industry will be ruined.

oh by the way this is no political post, so don't run ;)


this kind of situation sometimes makes you feel like *rolling on the floor laughing* because, despite of all those experience, all those years you lived, with so many different kind of people you've worked with, all those money you make, your mind is very tiny and it is so tiny, it can even disappear in the view of the naked eyes. let me get this straight, I am not referring only to that specific person, but in general for the public figures out there who love to speak up for what they stand for but it just doesn't seems right and funny.

and also,
this kind of situation all the time makes you feel like crying.

religion is pushed aside only for your career or your so-called-developed industry to achieve success. if Islam is practiced, everything will be ruined. I mean, come on, you publicly announced you are not practicing Islam and because of that, you achieve your success today. and you would prefer for it to remain that way. how can a person announced that with no guilt? urgh. no use for anger or hatred no? but pity might be. no need to elaborate more.

hah. that was the voice of a person who is known nation-wide(?) I guess. what about those who are just a simple regular guy living his own life but having this same exact idea about practicing Islam. if practicing Islam does not benefit your worldly needs and dreams, then don't practice it at all. this reality is very sad, and it makes me realize, there is so many things need to be done. seriously so many.

I know I am not the best person to write about this, but my hands feel like writing about it. I pray the benefit is for you and even more for me myself :)


Syed Qutb mulakan bukunya Petunjuk Sepanjang Jalan dengan,
"Umat manusia sekarang ini berada di tepi jurang kehancuran. Sebenarnya punca utama keadaan ini ialah bangkrap dan melesetnya umat manusia itu di bidang 'nilai' yang menjadi pelindung hidupnya."

hmm. sometimes you just feel like travelling, or even migrating from the place with so many things you cannot accept, but well, what's the end of that? running is never the answer huh. just need to fight hard with extra support of du'a and full faith in Allah that will ease the way in shaa Allah :')

forgive me for the quite heavy post these days, cant stop my brain from thinking. kehkeh.

may Allah bless :*

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