Saturday, January 5

One thousand year old love

Rasulullah suddenly mentioned ; "I miss my brothers."

The companion or the sahaba found that to be weird, and Abu Bakr r.a. asked ; 
"What is the meaning of that ya Rasulullah? Aren't we your brothers ?"

Rasulullah answered ;
"No, ya Abu Bakr. All of you are my companion (sahaba) but not my brothers (ikhwan)"

One of the sahaba said ;
"We are also your brother ya Rasulullah"

Rasulullah gracefully shook his head with a beautiful smile on his face and answered ;
"My brothers, are those who never had the chance to see me 
but they believe in me as their prophet and they love me deeply. 
In fact, their love for me is even more as to compare with the love for the children or even the parents."

Rasulullah continued with a question ;
"Who has the most incredible iman (faith) ?"

The sahaba ; "Malaikah (the angels)"

Rasulullah ; "How can they not have such amazing iman, they are with Allah all the time"

The sahaba ; "The prophets"

Rasulullah ; "How can they not have such amazing iman, they are Allah's messenger"

The sahaba ; "Could it be, us ?"

Rasulullah ; "How can you not have such amazing iman, I am with you"

The sahaba ; "Then, only Allah and His messenger knows best"

Rasulullah continued ;
"Do you not want to know who are they? They are my ummah that lives after I am gone. They read the Qur'an and believe in what is written. Happiness for those who have the chance to meet me and have faith in me. And 7 times more happiness for those who have faith in me but never had the chance to meet me"

"I miss them, I want to meet them"


peace be upon you

dear brothers and sisters,
how's everything ?

still having this feelings ;
forever alone ? nobody loves me anymore. everybody hates me. no one understands who I am.
bla bla bla.

so many rants. so many complaints. 

well dear believers,
what do you know ?

1400 years ago, there was a person who loved, missed and really wanted to meet us.
and he was our prophet Muhammad sallahualaihi wasallam. 

I feel so special. Super duper triple special.

what more can we hope for ? 
human's cheap love ? of course not. boo.

and to be that special ummah, we have to work.
we have to do lots of things, lots of sacrifice. and we cannot stay still.
let us strive to be that follower that would make him proud :')
let's do our best to be that ummah he once mentioned, 
and let us pray to be the ones who can draw that beautiful smile on his face when we see him. 
Allahurabbi :')

may Allah bless :*


ikoi said...

Beautiful :')

ateyyyy said...

because Rasulullah is the most romantic and the sweetest man on planet Earth :')

sevenNeedLes said...

you're responsible for my tears!

::a journey of learning:: said...

Beauty la ateyy<3

::a journey of learning:: said...

Beauty la ateyy<3

ateyyyy said...

To Didi & Imah ;
The love of Rasulullah for his ummah is such a beauty, even our eyes cant bare to hold the tears in the reflection of that beauty :')

Let's work ! :)
For that smile on Rasulullah's face <3

bugsbunny^^ said...

So sweet<3